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Advancements in concrete utilizing IoT to monitor concrete quality

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Business value Solution Opportunity ADVANCEMENTS IN CONCRETE UTILIZING IOT TO MONITOR CONCRETE QUALITY IN LARGE-SCALE CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS "Key considerations were ease of use, ability to collect data without being on the jobsite, recoverability and reusability of the hardware, and operation where large temperature swing and rain are factors." ● AOMS Technologies, Toronto, Canada, have developed sensors that can transmit wirelessly, in real-time, even while buried in the concrete. ● AOMS' hardware is recoverable and can be used for multiple jobs. ● AOMS selected the MultiTech Conduit®, a configurable and scalable gateway for industrial IoT applications. ● Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of LoRaWAN® (low- power, wide-area network)-compliant devices, including MultiTech xDot®/mDot™ Modules and other smart sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network. ● In today's ever-changing environment, building a strong concrete foundation requires monitoring everything about the material. Elements such as the concrete's temperature, strength, relative humidity and evaporation rate all require consistent tracking. ● The latest approach is to use embedded sensors, constantly monitoring and sending data via wireless technology to devices used by the construction crew.

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