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Business value Solution Opportunity SMART PARK ENVIRONMENT AND PEOPLE ATTENDANCE MONITORING • Data collection and transmission is seamless and the end result is fast, accurate, plentiful information regarding environment, usage and energy efficiency. • By implementing a combination of technologies (WiFi and LoRaWAN®), the Local Government maximised the use of the investment and proved that when necessary, a hybrid technology can deliver excellent results. • SimplyCity Australia proposed a hybrid solution. Environmental sensors will collect data from the existing waterways as well as air related data and send it through the newly deployed Wi-Fi network. Other sensors such as crowd density counters (people counters) and control relays for local pumps used the existing LoRaWAN® network. • Crowd density counters (people counters) identified smart Wi-Fi devices (e.g. phones, tablets, watches) within a dedicated detection area and transmitted the count of these devices via LoRaWAN® network to a dedicated dashboard • This project revolved around a storm drain area converted into an interactive park. • The Local Government in Australia, with Western Australia Water, wanted to measure people's attendance in parks as well as air and water quality.

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