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Bordeaux muncipality implements LoRaWAN

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Business value Solution Opportunity BORDEAUX MUNICIPALITY IMPLEMENTS LORAWAN® IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO FIGHT COVID-19 • The technology increases protective measures in public transportation enabling employees to go back to work and ease the economical consequences of the global pandemic. • Re-assured users and helped reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease among public transportation users during a global pandemic. ● LoRaWAN® technology by Objenious delivers real-time data to identify when/where hand sanitizers need to be refilled providing user reassurance. ● End-user service is improved by timely maintenance alerts. ● Historical data is used to help resolve customer complaints and service issues. ● Longer term plans to connect all public sanitary will lead to further efficiencies and improved end-user service. • To help people use public transport and battle Covid-19 a city in the region of Bordeaux, France implemented 500+ JVD hand sanitizer devices on all streetcars over 200 buses between September and October 2020 to protect millions of public transportation users.

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