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Aloxy valve position monitoring with LoRaWAN

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Business value Solution Opportunity ALOXY VALVE POSITION MONITORING WITH LORAWAN ® : VALVE LINE UP • Easy monitoring, increased efficiency, and improved safety • Less possibility for contamination and spills • Less downtime and efficient operation result in high occupancy and more transfers • To solve this, a wireless Aloxy Pulse device is attached to the valve hand wheel or lever without any customized mounting brackets to detect the position (open, closed, or intermediate) of the manual quarter and multi-turn valves. • The Aloxy Pulse device captures signals from embedded sensors, and wirelessly transmits the data over a LoRaWAN® network. Initial pre-processing of measured data is done on its IoT HUB to provide an accurate valve position. • The control room monitors the position for every valve before starting the pumps and before the products get transferred. • In the Tank Storage Industry many manual valves are in place, often operated during the transfer of product from the tank to the loading bays or vice versa. • When these valves accidentally are left in the wrong position, it has a direct impact on the environment and efficiency (70% of accidents are the result of human errors). • It results in contamination or spills and increases unwanted downtime. Additional costs need to be made for cleanup and compensation for the loss of product.

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