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Unidata smart harbor in Rome

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Opportunity Solution Business value UNIDATA SMART PARKING: LOAD/UNLOAD GOODS "LOGON" Better air quality, save time of drivers, remote monitoring of specific parking lots, automatic ticketing • They are also looking to allow access only to validated vehicles, save time for drivers, and monetize through automatic ticketing to unauthorized vehicles • Unidata is specifically contributing with its own two IoT pillars, UniWAN and UniOrchestra. • UniWan is the Unidata LoRaWAN® network and UniOrchestra is the connectivity platform (PaaS) that Unidata LoRaWAN uses. • Unidata is a part of a wide consortium of companies, so called "LogOn", aimed to implement a project of sustainable logistics in Rome. • 5 specific load/unload goods parking areas of Rome have been selected to hit several goals. These areas are aiming to improve air quality in the old town and control the access as well as the proper/improper occupancy of parking lots. • .

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