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Marine vessel tracking

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Business value Solution Opportunity Marine Vessel Tracking Since the initial proof of concept, 20 additional vessels have been equipped, thus cutting the monthly recurring spend to almost zero, and enabling a plethora of additional use cases. Solution highlights 6 gateways deployed across the field • 20+ Off the shelf Asset trackers • 4 Asset Trackers for cargo basket tracking • Acoustic sensor pilot underway for asset theft mitigation Moving to IIoT and in-house visualization • Within days of deploying gateways on BU towers, IIoT location trackers were equipped to 4 test security vessels. • Range and feature testing was completed and the need for an in-house visualization platform was identified. An Azure Web APP leveraging Azure maps was chosen and rapidly deployed. • Long range Vessel Tracking with Satellite • Business Unit in the past leveraged satellite asset tracking, costing tens of thousands of dollars monthly • Software solutions to support the Iridium asset trackers also carried a significant expense.

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