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Unidata Smart Parking Sogei Tender

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Opportunity Solution Business value UNIDATA SMART PARKING: SOGEI TENDER 0 time spent looking for parking, employees' time saved, remote monitoring of reserved parking • The data coming from the 1,000 smart parking sensors, one each parking lot, are collected by this private network and sent to the connectivity platform UniOrchestra in the cloud and then to the application server. • Unidata has developed, specifically for Sogei, a software solution to show real time status of the parking lots on a big screen at the entrance of parking, as well as an app for smartphone for employees. • Unidata won the Smart Parking tender of the PA Sogei in Italy, for a 1,000 parking lots. • Because of the Italian Regulatory status (renewable authorization every six months), Unidata is building a private LoRaWAN ® network specifically for Sogei and its parking area.

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