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Yogogawa’s Sushi Sensor Detects Leaks And Clogging Of Dust Collectors

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Business value Solution Opportunity YOGOGAWA'S SUSHI SENSOR DETECTS LEAKS AND CLOGGING OF DUST COLLECTORS Adequate inspection frequency can be secured for the points of required. Thus, equipment failures can be avoided, and operation efficiency can be improved. • The Sushi Sensor, developed by Yokogawa, is a wireless solution for the IIoT, monitoring equipment conditions continuously and automatically acquiring condition data of equipment. • By replacing existing pressure gauges with wireless pressure sensors Sushi Sensor or by adding Sushi Sensor to these gauges, it is possible to increase the frequency and location of measurement, because long- distance communication can be available by using LoRaWAN® technology allowing inflexible installation in inaccessible locations. • When leaks or clogging occur, dust collectors and their piping will break down, decreasing the operational efficiency of a plant. • Pressure gauges (PGs) are conventionally mounted to detect such abnormalities, and visual observation is performed during operator rounds. • However, when measurement points are distributed across a wide area, it is difficult to perform multipoint measurement due to the limited availability of workers and time, customers want to increase the frequency of operator rounds or the number of measurement points.

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