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Detecting leaks of safety valves

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Business value Solution Opportunity Detecting leaks of safety valves with Sushi Sensor Monitoring the temperature of equipment enables early detection of failures to avoid unscheduled operation shut-down. • To solve this problem, we focused on the fact that the temperature of the output of the safety valve falls rapidly when seat leakage occurs. • The temperatures at the inlet and outlet of a safety valve are measured by wireless temperature sensors to monitor the temperature difference. • Those safety valves deployed across a plant can be monitored, because long-distance communication can be available by using LoRaWAN® technology allowing inflexible installation in inaccessible location. • Sushi Sensor is a wireless solution for the IIoT, monitoring equipment conditions continuously and automatically acquiring condition data of equipment. • Safety valves are mounted for relieving the pressure in case of a pressure rise in equipment or piping. Because of the internal environment, a slight amount of seat leakage may occur that requires operation shut-down and maintenance. Since safety valves cannot be visually inspected during operation, customers want to monitor them remotely without equipment shut-down.

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