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Covid-19 Vaccine storage monitoring

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Business value Solution Opportunity COVID-19 VACCINE STORAGE MONITORING Proper vaccine storage plays a very important role in maintaining vaccine efficacy. • Milesight environmental monitoring solutions can protect the valuable vaccine supply with automated temperature monitoring and alerting. • The EM500-PT100 temperature sensor with a cryogenic temperature probe made of platinum resistance thermometers can monitor storage units as cold as - 328 °F (-200 °C). • In this environmental monitoring application, a PT100 temperature probe is put into the refrigeration units or freezers, and the transceiver EM500 collects data physically through a cable and communicates with Everynet gateway through the LoRaWAN® network. • The sensors can support a wide temperature range either from -50°C to 200 °C or from -200°C to 50 °C, making the installer able to choose the best model according to the pharmaceutical storage equipment. • Hospitals and pharmacies must be ready to ensure proper vaccine storage when approved vaccines are ready for distribution. However, there are several daunting challenges in their existing storage facilities. • Refrigeration units: According to regulations by Pfizer, the COVID-19 vaccine can be stored for 5 days only at refrigeration units that are commonly available in hospitals at refrigerated 2-8 °C conditions. • Specialized freezers: The vaccine remains efficacy for 6 months in a special ultra- low temperature freezer. • The normal temperature sensor works in the common environmental monitoring support the range of -30°C ~ 70 °C only, which is not qualified to be used in the specialized freezers.

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