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Bouygues Construction Material connects over 2000 pieces of equipment

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Business value Solution Opportunity BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CONNECTS OVER 20 000 PIECES OF EQUIPMENT By adopting this new data-based approach, the equipment division of the construction giant is projecting direct annual savings of 5 to 10% on maintenance and fleet management and a ROI of this technological solution over 3 years. "Optimizing the use and monitoring of site equipment is bringing significant operational and financial benefits to construction, and with our LoRaWAN-based smart sensors that last for years, the gain is clearly long-term for Bouygues Construction." Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility • Omniscient's solution is being deployed on its entire French fleet of bungalows and consoles, on the main components of the tower cranes and on the new B20 formwork. This large-scale project involves around a hundred employees, assigned to monitoring the equipment on more than a thousand sites, spread over 5 technical bases. • This represents the installation of Abeeway sensors on more than 20,000 pieces of equipment and millions of GPS data to be processed by Omniscient. • The information sent by Abeeway's sensors allows Omniscient to calculate performance indicators, dedicated to fleet management, equipment turnover and utilization rates, inventory by technical base, inventory by worksite and number of billable days. • One of the unique major innovations of the solution is that, combining various geolocation technologies, it allows to use the same devices for big and small objects and in all kind of construction environments, instead of investing in different devices for each use case. • Bouygues Construction material needed to equip each site with compliant equipment, in good working order, that is made available on time, as there are dozens of thousands of pieces of equipment to maintain and distribute everyday on all construction sites in France. • To solve this problem, Omniscient has designed a turnkey solution for Bouygues Construction Matériel, using the multi-technology trackers from Abeeway, specializing in ultra-low power geolocation solutions, a subsidiary of the French company Actility.

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