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Opportunity Solution Business value DLMS/COSEM OVER LoRaWAN ® Acklio opens a new era to smart metering: benefit from the flexibility, low cost, ease of deployment and management of LoRaWAN to deploy standard DLMS meters. • Acklio SCHC SDK and reference design including DLMS over LoRaWAN® SCHC profile. The firmware can run either directly on the communication module or as a middleware on the device. • The LoRaWAN network server is connected to the Acklio IP core. The solution is proposed in the cloud or on-premise and communicates in native DLMS/COSEM with the Head-End System. • Certified interoperability : • interchangeable meters and systems, • 1200+ compliant meters • Scalability, Improved Security • Future Proof, predictability of technology and assets lifecycle evolutions • LoRaWAN® is now available as a low-power and cost-efficient connectivity option to roll out smart electricity meters. • Acklio SCHC header compression and fragmentation enables the DLMS/COSEM over LoRaWAN without specific adaptation to the protocol. This stack leveraging SCHC is now promoted as the best practice by both the LoRa Alliance and the DLMS user association.

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