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Business value Solution Opportunity WATER MONITORING KERLINK & UNHCR The agency hopes to use it globally as a "basis-of- payment‟ system for water-trucking operations, which in Uganda are as high as $15 million/month • Sensors installed at reservoirs starting in Jan. 2019 enabled managers to monitor water levels in real time, providing unprecedented visibility into usage and resource management. • Source of coordinated payment information for some 630 rental tanker trucks, hauling up to 6,387 cubic meters (about 1.5 million gallons) of water daily since 2015. • UNHCR implemented a pilot program for tank monitoring in Uganda and Iraq, in collaboration with Kerlink & GreenCityzen • Other locations to be deployed in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Bangladesh. • The UNHCR is charged with providing water to millions of people worldwide, often with daunting logistics. • The Ugandan Arua Field effort: 1st pilot monitoring program implemented provides daily water deliveries to 470 000 refugees.

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