Refiner Improves OT Cyber Risk Measurement & Management

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About the Company This U.S.-based Fortune 50 company is an independent petroleum refiner focused on enabling safe, reliable and environmentally responsible operations while delivering solid financial results. It manages numerous facilities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Challenge Energy companies today are integrating connected technology to make operations faster and more efficient. However, process automation advances for refineries and petrochemical plants that improve efficiencies and increase output can also increase cybersecurity risks. Devices that monitor pressure, control valves and initiate safety procedures are linked to computer networks and — sometimes — even the Internet. Increasingly sophisticated threat actors now view refineries as alluring targets, regularly scanning their systems for vulnerabilities and weaknesses to exploit. In 2014, this refiner decided to implement a more rigorous, programmatic OT cybersecurity approach to address increasing threats to their operating infrastructure. First, they designated a small internal team to improve control system security. Next, they researched IT and automation industry security standards and best practices to develop internal OT cybersecurity control standards and policies. They then sought a solution that would provide better visibility into their existing OT security risk and help track compliance with these new OT cybersecurity policies and standards. They also wanted to reduce or eliminate existing, high-effort manual OT asset inventory data collection processes, speed up risk assessment of control system vulnerabilities and reduce production and safety risks through improved control system configuration and change management. Refiner Improves OT Cyber Risk Measurement & Management PAS Cyber Integrity ™ Provides Visibility into OT Cybersecurity Policy Compliance Business Benefits: • Provides a comprehensive, unified enterprise view of OT cyber risks • Identifies potential impact cyber vulnerabilities may have on OT assets • Improves production safety and reliability through improved configuration management • Reduces inventory, vulnerability and compliance documentation efforts by 70 percent or more Case Study

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