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Challenge For more than 30 years, industrial processes have been controlled through computerized schematic representations of the plant. Often in today's plants, displays contain poorly designed graphics with poorly presented numeric data, which in turn causes inefficiencies in plant operations. Poor HMIs are cited as contributing factors to major industrial accidents. PAS High Performance HMI ™ Improve operator situational awareness Key Benefits: • Optimizes operator awareness of process states • Enables immediate detection of abnormal conditions • Assists in rapid decision making • Displays key performance indicators and process trends Solution For processes to be effective, operators must be effective. Hexagon provides operators with the right tools to effectively run the process, detect abnormal situations and respond quickly. Applying High Performance Human-Machine Interface (HMI) principles increases operators' situational awareness, resulting in quicker decision-making and more accurate operations. PAS High Performance graphics convert raw data into actionable information. This is accomplished by using color to effectively draw the operator's attention to abnormal conditions, leveraging multiple visualization methods, and emphasizing easily scanned analog depictions. PAS High Performance Object Libraries and comprehensive methodology for designing effective, high-performing displays provides operators with information needed to control the process and respond to deviations rapidly and effectively. Solution Sheet

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