Passive RFID Vehicle-Mounted Reader

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Solution Sheet Benefits Automation: Enabling an automated project status workflow, the VMR lessens the need for workers to maintain intimate knowledge of the materials in question. The Jovix Passive RFID Vehicle-Mounted Reader provides material status and location, updating all stakeholders along the way. Seamless Workflow: The VMR removes the need for manual status changes and verifications and provides GPS material locations that are visible on a digital map. Construction teams armed with mobile devices are then guided directly to the materials they need - significantly reducing location times. Passive RFID Vehicle-Mounted Reader The Jovix Passive RFID Vehicle-Mounted Reader (VMR) is an important piece in enabling your project to use technology to automate material status and location. This is called "geo-contextual automation", and it begins by using a mobile device to associate the physical material to an electronic tag - in this case, a passive RFID tag. Once the tag and material are associated in the Jovix application's database, the tag is attached to the item for tracking throughout the supply chain. Project staff drive the VMR around laydown yards conducting "sweeps" that provide location updates for thousands of materials. This process frees up resources and time, which translates into cost savings for the project. Passive RFID Reader Unit Atlas, Hexagon Trusted Partner Antenna

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