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Linear Alpha Olefin Unit Tracks Thousands of Materials with Jovix

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Linear Alpha Olefin Unit Tracks Thousands of Materials with Jovix ® Introduction A leading chemical company contracted an engineering group to construct a new linear alpha olefin unit. This expansion increased production of the existing plant by 20% and contributed to the company's larger goal of reaching 1,000,000 metric tons per annum. Jovix Scope We were contracted to deploy the Jovix track and trace solution for 10,300 pipe spools and a 626-item structural steel work package. This active RFID deployment consisted of four rugged tablets, one gate reader assembly, one vehicle-mounted reader (VMR) and the time to train the engineering group's staff on using Jovix. A Jovix System Coordinator (JSC) was brought on board to complete the requested 200-hour extension with a focus on training. Site Set-Up As part of the deployment, the JSC uploaded high-resolution imagery and created maps and zones for five laydown yards and a new off-site area, "Blimpyard". The addition of these zones was key to expediting picking by the field crews. The field crew had concerns about Jovix and the notion that it provided nothing more than a tag number. The concerns were managed by importing data from the client's existing system and adding size, length and weight into descriptions. This, in tandem with the newly mapped zones, was reported by the field crew as "five times faster" than existing processes. The Material Manager's experience with the existing system helped the JSC search for materials whose status didn't match what was reported. For example, the engineering group used Jovix to identify spools that hadn't been received in the system but were noted as "on-site". Identifying these spools helped locate $20,000 of materials that hadn't yet been issued a receipt. Key Facts Industry: Chemical Products Used: • Jovix Track and Trace • Four RFID-capable tablets • One RFID gate reader • One vehicle-mounted RFID reader • Jovix-led training sessions Key Benefits: • Mapping and zoning laydown yards, expediting picking • Jovix methods five times faster than existing processes • Jovix identified and located $20K of materials that hadn't been issued a receipt Significant Numbers: • 4,785 spools in inventory • 174 spools received • 139 shipments received • 15 users trained on Jovix Case Study

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