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©2019 LoRa™ Alliance Page 7 of 11 The authors reserve the right to change documents without notice. 4 FUOTA Process Steps 103 104 Figure 1 depicts the FUOTA architecture used in this document. Interfaces with dotted lines 105 are outside the scope of the LoRa Alliance. Interfaces with straight lines are handled by the 106 LoRa Alliance specifications. 107 108 109 Figure 1: FUOTA architecture 110 Notations: 111 112 FUS Firmware Update Server. A server tasked to generate the firmware update image to be used on the end-device and the list of end-devices to be updated. FUS interfaces with the Firmware Management Module on the Application Server side using an out of band mechanism. FUA Firmware Update Agent. This is the counter-part of the FUS on the End-device side. FDS File Distribution Server. An application server specifically tasked to deliver the firmware update image to end-devices. This server operates at the application layer (in parallel or on top of the AS) on a specific set of ports. FDC File Distribution Client. This is the counter-part of the FDS on the End-device side. NS Network Server Dev End-device Table 2: Process Summary Notations 113 The following table describes the Firmware Update Over-the-Air process, listing the sequence 114 of actions and their actor to achieve FUOTA. 115 116 Actor Action 1 FDS Gather the identifier of all end-devices that will be updated. This step can be bypassed if unicast is used, or if a multicast group already exists that contains the end-devices to be updated. The multicast group may contain more end- devices than the subset of end-devices to be updated. If a delta-firmware image is used, all end-devices selected must currently be running the exact same firmware image. 2 FUS Creates the new compressed firmware image or delta-image. Select fragmentation parameters (number of fragments, redundancy, erasure code). The image contains a header (at the minimum describing the target end-devices hardware version, current firmware version, image CRC,

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