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LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Regional Parameters ©2018 LoRa™ Alliance Page 15 of 71 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. 2 LoRaWAN Regional Parameters 292 293 2.1 Regional Parameter Common Names 294 In order to support the identification of LoRaWAN channel plans referenced by other 295 specification documents, the table below provides a quick reference of common channel plans 296 listed for each formal plan name. 297 298 Channel Plan Common Name EU863-870 EU868 US902-928 US915 CN779-787 CN779 EU433 EU433 AU915-928 AU915 CN470-510 CN470 AS923 AS923 KR920-923 KR920 IN865-867 IN865 RU864-870 RU864 299 2.2 EU863-870MHz ISM Band 300 2.2.1 EU863-870 Preamble Format 301 The following synchronization words SHOULD be used: 302 303 Modulation Sync word Preamble length LORA 0x34 8 symbols GFSK 0xC194C1 5 bytes Table 2: EU863-870 synch words 304 2.2.2 EU863-870 ISM Band channel frequencies 305 This section applies to any region where the ISM radio spectrum use is defined by the ETSI 306 [EN300.220] standard. 307 The network channels can be freely attributed by the network operator. However the three 308 following default channels MUST be implemented in every EU868MHz end-device. Those 309 channels are the minimum set that all network gateways SHOULD always be listening on. 310 311 Modulation Bandwidth [kHz] Channel Frequency [MHz] FSK Bitrate or LoRa DR / Bitrate Nb Channels Duty cycle LoRa 125 868.10 868.30 868.50 DR0 to DR5 / 0.3-5 kbps 3 <1% Table 3: EU863-870 default channels 312 In order to access the physical medium the ETSI regulations impose some restrictions such 313 maximum time the transmitter can be on or the maximum time a transmitter can transmit per 314

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