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LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Regional Parameters ©2018 LoRa™ Alliance Page 17 of 71 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. EIRP 1 refers to the Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power, which is the radiated output 341 power referenced to an isotropic antenna radiating power equally in all directions and whose 342 gain is expressed in dBi. 343 TXPower Configuration (EIRP) 0 Max EIRP 1 Max EIRP – 2dB 2 Max EIRP – 4dB 3 Max EIRP – 6dB 4 Max EIRP – 8dB 5 Max EIRP – 10dB 6 Max EIRP – 12dB 7 Max EIRP – 14dB 8..15 RFU Table 6: EU863-870 TX power table 344 345 346 347 By default MaxEIRP is considered to be +16dBm. If the end-device cannot achieve 16dBm 348 EIRP, the Max EIRP SHOULD be communicated to the network server using an out-of-band 349 channel during the end-device commissioning process. 350 351 2.2.4 EU863-870 JoinAccept CFList 352 353 The EU 863-870 ISM band LoRaWAN implements an optional channel frequency list (CFlist) 354 of 16 octets in the JoinAccept message. 355 In this case the CFList is a list of five channel frequencies for the channels three to seven 356 whereby each frequency is encoded as a 24 bits unsigned integer (three octets). All these 357 channels are usable for DR0 to DR5 125kHz LoRa modulation. The list of frequencies is 358 followed by a single CFListType octet for a total of 16 octets. The CFListType SHALL be equal 359 to zero (0) to indicate that the CFList contains a list of frequencies. 360 361 Size (bytes) 3 3 3 3 3 1 CFList Freq Ch3 Freq Ch4 Freq Ch5 Freq Ch6 Freq Ch7 CFListType The actual channel frequency in Hz is 100 x frequency whereby values representing 362 frequencies below 100 MHz are reserved for future use. This allows setting the frequency of 363 a channel anywhere between 100 MHz to 1.67 GHz in 100 Hz steps. Unused channels have 364 a frequency value of 0. The CFList is optional and its presence can be detected by the length 365 of the join-accept message. If present, the CFList SHALL replace all the previous channels 366 stored in the end-device apart from the three default channels. The newly defined channels 367 are immediately enabled and usable by the end-device for communication. 368 2.2.5 EU863-870 LinkAdrReq command 369 The EU863-870 LoRaWAN only supports a maximum of 16 channels. When ChMaskCntl 370 field is 0 the ChMask field individually enables/disables each of the 16 channels. 371 372 1 ERP = EIRP – 2.15dB; it is referenced to a half-wave dipole antenna whose gain is expressed in dBd

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