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LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Regional Parameters ©2018 LoRa™ Alliance Page 32 of 71 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. 2.5 EU433MHz ISM Band 711 2.5.1 EU433 Preamble Format 712 The following synchronization words SHOULD be used : 713 714 Modulation Sync word Preamble length LORA 0x34 8 symbols GFSK 0xC194C1 5 bytes Table 27: EU433 synch words 715 2.5.2 EU433 ISM Band channel frequencies 716 The LoRaWAN can be used in the ETSI 433-434 MHz band as long as the radio device EIRP 717 is less than 12.15dBm. 718 The end-device transmit duty-cycle SHALL be lower than 10% 1 719 The LoRaWAN channels center frequency can be in the following range: 720 • Minimum frequency : 433.175 MHz 721 • Maximum frequency : 434.665 MHz 722 EU433 end-devices SHALL be capable of operating in the 433.05 to 434.79 MHz frequency 723 band and SHALL feature a channel data structure to store the parameters of at least 16 724 channels. A channel data structure corresponds to a frequency and a set of data rates usable 725 on this frequency. 726 The first three channels correspond to 433.175, 433.375 and 433.575 MHz with DR0 to DR5 727 and MUST be implemented in every end-device. Those default channels cannot be modified 728 through the NewChannelReq command and guarantee a minimal common channel set 729 between end-devices and gateways of all networks. Other channels can be freely distributed 730 across the allowed frequency range on a network per network basis. 731 The following table gives the list of frequencies that SHALL be used by end-devices to 732 broadcast the JoinReq message. The JoinReq message transmit duty-cycle SHALL follow the 733 rules described in chapter "Retransmissions back-off" of the LoRaWAN specification 734 document. 735 736 Modulation Bandwidth [kHz] Channel Frequency [MHz] FSK Bitrate or LoRa DR / Bitrate Nb Channels Duty cycle LoRa 125 433.175 433.375 433.575 DR0 – DR5 / 0.3-5 kbps 3 <1% Table 28: EU433 JoinReq Channel List 737 738 2.5.3 EU433 Data Rate and End-device Output Power encoding 739 There is no dwell time limitation for the EU433 PHY layer. The TxParamSetupReq MAC 740 command is not implemented by EU433 devices. 741 1 The EN300220 ETSI standard limits to 10% the maximum transmit duty-cycle in the 433MHz ISM band. The LoRaWAN requires a 1% transmit duty-cycle lower than the legal limit to avoid network congestion.

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