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LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Regional Parameters ©2018 LoRa™ Alliance Page 35 of 71 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Table 32 : EU433 maximum payload size (not repeater compatible) 793 794 2.5.7 EU433 Receive windows 795 The RX1 receive window uses the same channel than the preceding uplink. The data rate is 796 a function of the uplink data rate and the RX1DROffset as given by the following table. The 797 allowed values for RX1DROffset are in the [0:5] range. Values in the range [6:7] are reserved 798 for future use. 799 800 RX1DROffset 0 1 2 3 4 5 Upstream data rate Downstream data rate in RX1 slot DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR1 DR1 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR2 DR2 DR1 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR3 DR3 DR2 DR1 DR0 DR0 DR0 DR4 DR4 DR3 DR2 DR1 DR0 DR0 DR5 DR5 DR4 DR3 DR2 DR1 DR0 DR6 DR6 DR5 DR4 DR3 DR2 DR1 DR7 DR7 DR6 DR5 DR4 DR3 DR2 Table 33 : EU433 downlink RX1 data rate mapping 801 The RX2 receive window uses a fixed frequency and data rate. The default parameters are 802 434.665MHz / DR0 (SF12, 125kHz). 803 804 2.5.8 EU433 Class B beacon and default downlink channel 805 The beacons SHALL be transmitted using the following settings 806 DR 3 Corresponds to SF9 spreading factor with 125 kHz BW CR 1 Coding rate = 4/5 Signal polarity Non-inverted As opposed to normal downlink traffic which uses inverted signal polarity Table 34 : EU433 beacon settings 807 The beacon frame content is: 808 Size (bytes) 2 4 2 7 2 BCNPayload RFU Time CRC GwSpecific CRC The beacon default broadcast frequency is 434.665MHz. 809 The class B default downlink pingSlot frequency is 434.665MHz 810 811 2.5.9 EU433 Default Settings 812 The following parameters are recommended values for the EU433band. 813 RECEIVE_DELAY1 1 s 814 RECEIVE_DELAY2 2 s (MUST be RECEIVE_DELAY1 + 1s) 815 JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY1 5 s 816 JOIN_ACCEPT_DELAY2 6 s 817 MAX_FCNT_GAP 16384 818

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