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LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Regional Parameters ©2018 LoRa™ Alliance Page 64 of 71 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. 2.11 RU864-870 MHz ISM Band 1520 2.11.1 RU864-870 Preamble Format 1521 The following synchronization words SHOULD be used: 1522 1523 Modulation Sync word Preamble length LORA 0x34 8 symbols GFSK 0xC194C1 5 bytes Table 75: RU864-870 synch words 1524 2.11.2 RU864-870 ISM Band channel frequencies 1525 The network channels can be freely attributed by the network operator in compliance with the 1526 allowed sub-bands defined by the Russian regulation. However the two following default 1527 channels MUST be implemented in every RU864-870 MHz end-device. Those channels are 1528 the minimum set that all network gateways SHOULD always be listening on. 1529 1530 Modulation Bandwidth [kHz] Channel Frequency [MHz] FSK Bitrate or LoRa DR / Bitrate Nb Channels Duty cycle LoRa 125 868.9 869.1 DR0 to DR5 / 0.3-5 kbps 2 <1% Table 76: RU864-870 default channels 1531 RU864-870 MHz end-devices SHALL be capable of operating in the 864 to 870 MHz 1532 frequency band and SHALL feature a channel data structure to store the parameters of at 1533 least 8 channels. A channel data structure corresponds to a frequency and a set of data rates 1534 usable on this frequency. 1535 The first two channels correspond to 868.9 and 869.1 MHz / DR0 to DR5 and MUST be 1536 implemented in every end-device. Those default channels cannot be modified through the 1537 NewChannelReq command and guarantee a minimal common channel set between end- 1538 devices and network gateways. 1539 The following table gives the list of frequencies that SHALL be used by end-devices to 1540 broadcast the JoinReq message. The JoinReq message transmit duty-cycle SHALL follow the 1541 rules described in chapter "Retransmissions back-off" of the LoRaWAN specification 1542 document. 1543 1544 Modulation Bandwidth [kHz] Channel Frequency [MHz] FSK Bitrate or LoRa DR / Bitrate Nb Channels LoRa 125 868.9 869.1 DR0 – DR5 / 0.3-5 kbps 2

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