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Solution PAS InBound validates and displays physical, design and safe operating limits. These values may be manually entered, calculated or imported from other applications and databases to provide maximum flexibility. InBound provides the capability to develop a boundary hierarchy, which allows the application to automatically detect and report deviations such as an alarm setting that is higher than a safety instrumented system trip point. This provides additional assurance that modifications to configuration parameters such as alarm limits and instrument ranges remain within the safe operating envelope of the plant. PAS InBound ® Displays a plant's current state relative to the operating limits to improve safety and compliance Key Benefits: • Aggregates, validates and displays safe operating limits in real-time • Presents safe operating limits in context within control system displays • Provides visibility into operational and safety risks • Allows operators to instantly determine a plant's current state relative to its safe operating limits • Provides visibility into violations of safe operating limits • Delivers notifications based on limit exceedances Challenge Plant personnel commonly lack clear visibility into boundaries and alarms that are designed to ensure compliance with production and safe operating limits. These limits are typically maintained in different databases and automation systems and managed by different organizations within a plant. This makes it difficult to easily understand the relationships between the operating boundaries of a facility. Maintaining accurate change management across multiple databases and keeping systems up-to-date and synchronized is a challenge within most organizations. Inadvertent mistakes when updating boundary settings, especially for dynamically changing safe operating limits, can lead to undesirable consequences, including failure of protection layers and shutdowns. These operational and safety boundaries include: • Normal and optimal operating zones • Process alarms • Safety instrumented trip points • Mechanical design limits • Environmental excursion limits Solution Sheet

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