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Supercharge your Google BigQuery Cloud Data Warehouse

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Supercharge your Google BigQuery Cloud Data Warehouse Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery helps data teams get things done faster in the cloud. Unlock the value of your cloud analytics today with low-code data ingestion and transformation on the Google BigQuery platform. Democratize data-driven insights with Matillion's cloud native data integration platform The Matillion dierence: Extensive list of connectors, expandable with Create Your Own Connector feature Visually design data transforms, then share insights with just a few clicks Easy to use No more antiquated UIs or unwieldy blocks of code. Approachable visual low-code interfaces and powerful under-the-hood customization enable more people to use and transform data across your organization. Built for the enterprise Modular deployment options help hundreds of enterprises accelerate their cloud modernization programs. Matillion ETL's stability, security, and expert support lets them move with purpose and speed. Built for the cloud Designed for the cloud, Matillion ETL harnesses the native features and advantages of BigQuery through our custom-built, push-down integration. We help data teams maximize the scalability, security, and reliability of the cloud. Transformative value Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery helps data teams deliver deeper insights faster and at reduced cost to the organization. Our fast-start pricing makes it simple to be up and running in minutes. Get started at Matillion and Google BigQuery: Better together Supports materialized views Create Your Own Connector to extend connector list Native push-down integration lets you analyze petabytes of data with zero operational overhead Unify data science and data engineering teams Legacy ETL Matillion ETL Custom Code Pipelines Cloud Integration Data Replication Transformation Price Performance Speed to Insights Ease of Use Quick and easy setup enables rapid deployment "Such speed, so easy to learn! I can onboard new sta and have them understanding our data ows very quickly." Reduced cost by 84% Reduced ETL runtime by 72% Consolidated 10 workows down to 1 Reduced nancial reporting from hours to minutes Experience the benets of cloud-native ETL today

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