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Working as a combined team to map out the journey contributed to the success, as well as having a common agenda, common issue list and a clear, shared vision from the outset. Being the biggest project Kensington has ever undertaken, it was constant learning along the way, not forgetting the challenges that always come with a new system. The encouragement to flag problems early and the openness between the two companies helped overcome any issues before they became too big to manage. An instant success The new platform is now live across Kensington's entire broker network. The first two months following the launch were the biggest volume months of origination Kensington has ever seen. That itself is testament to the fact that the platform works and is operable. The ability to adapt and react immediately to the market is vital. Kensington are already seeing the benefits of offering continual enhancements rather than waiting weeks for releases. More than 600 small changes have been made to the underwriter process/workflow since launch with productivity up over 10 percent as a result. A project that delivers now, and in the future The project will continue to evolve with the hope that material further productivity improvements will kick in. The project has also delivered the framework for future innovations between the companies with the modern API structure. The speed in which products can be launched in new geographies is also a huge advantage, alongside the ability to reprice and develop products within hours as opposed to weeks, and the flexibility for a whole new range of products can now be explored. It's now not a question of whether it can be achieved, it's how. K E Y P R OJ ECT W I N S • Upgrading the core platform to implement a robust, resilient and secure API tier • Delivering a new digital broker portal • Delivering integration out to key partners to simplify the end-to-end mortgage journey through Sopra Banking's marketplace platform • 600 small changes to underwriter process/workflow since launch • Increase in productivity by 10% Sopra Banking Software is the partner of choice for more than 1,500 financial institutions worldwide. The rich variety of our solutions, the strength of our conviction and our passion for innovation enable us to support our clients on a daily basis and in their future projects, as well as in their goals regarding financial inclusion. Our customers, based in over 80 countries around the world, benefit every day from our technologies and software, as well as the expertise of our 5,000 employees. Sopra Banking Software is a subsidiary of the Sopra Steria Group, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development. With more than 46,000 employees, the Sopra Steria Group generated a turnover of €4.3 billion in 2020. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram or visit

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