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SUPPORTED MISSIONS xLab is Maxar's innovation-as-a-service shop. Our remote sensing and data scientists, machine learning practitioners, UI/UX designers, soware developers and product owners collaborate with our customers to create bespoke capabilities based on Maxar's core suite of products. These unique Maxar capabilities propel customers into the future of work. xLab XLAB xLab's customer base comprises organizations that make disruption their calling. Governments and commercial partners rely on xLab to deliver next-generation capabilities driving their missions forward. xLab employs domain experts who help clients define the art of the possible. Our project teams are customized for each customer engagement, aligning our professional expertise with the project road map. We use human-centered design principles to support our customers' most pressing needs and collaboratively create solutions to bring new life to their organizations. Features and benefits ■ Our customers leverage our in-house expertise to customize Maxar products to fit their specific business needs: e.g., bundling features of multiple Maxar products into one streamlined mission solution. ■ Our outcome-based professional services are delivered for a fixed price. Customers can start, stop and add additional resources as their project requirements and roadmap dictate. ■ Our operating model provides our customers access to Maxar's entire cadre of highly skilled, creative and innovative domain experts from multiple disciplines. Areas of expertise include artificial intelligence (AI), remote sensing, data science, design, innovation, product development and soware development. Workforce modernization ■ Reimagining work and unlocking next-gen jobs, harnessing ethical AI to enable a healthier global workforce ■ Architecting image processing workflows to derive insights that feed task automation ■ Designing custom Maxar 3D visualization solutions for mission planning and rehearsal Environmental monitoring ■ Leveraging our best-in-class constellation, high-resolution revisit rate and 125+ petabyte image archive to assess human impacts across the globe Wildlife monitoring ■ Applying AI-assisted species monitoring across vast areas, both terrestrial and maritime Humanitarian assistance/disaster response ■ Determining the effects of natural disasters on infrastructure and providing timely, actionable information to aid local response Remote environmental survey using Maxar Analysis-Ready Data (ARD

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