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Page 0 of 1 • The global open banking market could be worth as much as $416 billion for the financial services providers that succeed in creating value for their customers and partners. • As consumers adopt and demand more personalized digital tools to save time and money, and look to improve their financial outlook, financial services innovators need to leverage open-banking solutions to drive stronger customer engagement and loyalty. • In 2020 alone, retail banks around the world spent around $95 million in open banking initiatives. • By leveraging SBS's Marketplace partner Cake for banks, banks can differentiate themselves from competitors and offer their customers new services and boost revenues. • Cake for banks offers a frictionless, delightful, and automated cashback program, with minimal required integration efforts. Take advantage of PSD2 APIs Leverage the existing PSD2 channels, to process and analyse account and transaction data for any personal bank account and deliver value-added services to your customers! Frictionless consent refresh After 90 days the SBS solution will provide automatically a consent renewal to ensure a smooth customer experience. Additionally, we provide multi-consent for compliancy reasons, as Cake is still a TPP that can use the regular PSD2 API's. Implement an additional revenue-stream Develop a new, fully automated revenue stream by earning commissions from cashback rewards paid to your customers. Cake Rewards generate an estimated €290.000 in additional annual net revenue per 100.000 accounts. Offer value-added services to your banking customers Embed the Cake Cashback functionalities in your mobile banking app so that your consumers can receive instant cashback offers on online purchases and earn dividend by sharing data On average, consumers connected to the Cake cashback platform earn €40-60 per year on cashback Rewards *Sources: "Open Banking Investments & Survey Reports 2021" Tink , "Ready to catch the Open Banking wave? 2021, Accenture Cake is a SBS Marketplace partner. Cake was founded in early 2019 by tech entrepreneur Davy Kestens together with 5 experienced co-founders. The start-up received a license from the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) on July 9, 2019 and now employs 25 people. Cake wants to add value to companies, banks and consumers by generating new revenue streams through processing financial transactions. With Cake for Banks, Cake offers white-labeled solutions to integrate Cake cashbacks into existing banking apps. M A R K E T I S C H A N G I N G S O A R E C U S TO M E R S ' P R E F E R E N C ES O U R O F F E R H E L P S BA N K S TO P L AY A N ACT I V E R O L E Loyalty & Rewards with Offer a frictionless, delightful and automated cashback program, with minimal integration efforts

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