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Many of today's organizations have a large number of documents that are critical to business processes. Extracting, processing, and analyzing data from these documents is traditionally performed through manual systems and tasks—which are outdated, slow, time- and cost-intensive, and difficult to scale. This problem is prevalent across many industries: Financial services organizations must examine documents, such as loan or credit applications, with the highest degree of accuracy and care, often turning to manual review to pull out sensitive or critical information, such as mortgage rates or credit scores. Healthcare and life sciences organizations are fighting an uphill battle against an ever-growing mountain of documents and forms, searching for and analyzing data that is essential to clinical trial research and patient diagnosis in order to more accurately treat their patients. Public sector entities are forced to tie up their already- strained resources to process data from documents, such as applications for a wide variety of services. Intelligent document processing (IDP) is changing the equation. Powered by machine learning, it can help organizations extract text from millions of documents, understand the sentiment of or relationships between that data, and even include a human step to validate, correct, or augment the machine learning results for higher accuracy and compliance. IDP solutions from AWS can help to empower the employees, clients, and customers of these businesses with fast, easy access to the document data they need—while helping them discover new insights from data that was previously difficult to extract and analyze. In this eBook, we'll take a deeper look at how IDP can provide practical business benefits—and show you how services from AWS can help. 2

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