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Retailer Assures E-Commerce Website Performance with NETSCOUT

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E N T E R P R I S E l CASE STUDY l Customer Profile The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has likely forever changed "how, when, and where" consumers shop, and that has represented a boom-or-bust scenario for global retailers. This company's financial success during this transition serves as a prime example of how to successfully pivot from a retail business model reliant on a brick-and-mortar presence to one that also emphasizes a prominent e-commerce platform. During this transition, the millions of consumers who had formerly made in-person purchases instead frequently accessed the company's website to order the same essentials they had been buying for years. As part of this successful change in retail operations, the company's reliance on their information technology (IT) operations was such that their Annual Report described this business unit's success as essential to overall growth. In sustaining IT excellence, the company has for years relied on NETSCOUT's service assurance solutions and Premium Support Engineering (PSE) resources for visibility into their redundant data center operations. The Challenge The move to a predominantly e-commerce model was not a fully "overnight" business transition, but the speed and scale of their customers' adoption of the company's website presence certainly made it seem that way for the IT team. All told, daily website traffic doubled in the early stages of the pandemic, and that resulted in e-commerce business volumes reaching millions of dollars in hourly transactions. Understanding the company's financial dependence on e-commerce was not going to subside, leadership approved a plan to move forward with what were deemed critical visibility upgrades into their infrastructure and data center operations. OVERVIEW The Challenge • Increased reliance on e-commerce led to expanded visibility and monitoring demands • Blind spots in multi-vendor tool environment introduced monitoring and troubleshooting challenges The Solution • nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance virtual platform • InfiniStreamNG ® smart visibility appliances • nGenius ® PULSE with nPoint sensors • NETSCOUT ® Premium Support Engineers The Results • Sustained e-commerce sales, with real-time views and proactive monitoring of company website performance • Closed IT blind spots in data center, remote client, and network edges to improve monitoring and troubleshooting Retailer Assures E-Commerce Website Performance with NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring Delivers Quality Digital Experience to Millions of Online Customers

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