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Hybrid IoT : BMS for on-premises energy management & control

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Business value Solution Opportunity Click to add photo Hybrid IoT / BMS for on - premises energy management & control Significant energy savings in less than a year: • 30% total energy reduction • ~33% electricity savings for a typical retail store • ~26% savings on gas usage for a typical retail store • Solution can be effortlessly cloned to 100s of locations "Thanks to its highly integrated design, the SmartServer IoT platform simplified and accelerated our task. We exceeded our customer's expectations with respect to energy savings and we estimate that the company will see a return on its capital investment within 14 months." -- Paul Wetherfield , CEO, global associates • A hybrid IoT / BMS solution integrating DFS' legacy BMS and infrastructure with edge computing, cloud enablement and the latest LoRaWAN wireless sensors • LoRaWAN sensors monitor a wide array of conditions; sensors and other local devices feed into Dialog's SmartServer ™ IoT where a common data fabric abstracts LoRaWAN datapoints and converts them into virtual BACnet devices • Datapoints feed into the pre - existing legacy BMS which uses data to manage the building more efficiently • global associates was engaged by retailer DFS to reduce overall energy usage across 150 sites – initially targeting 10% energy use reduction • Needed to integrate BMS + LoRaWAN , but sensor outputs weren't directly compatible with existing BMS • They had to integrate numerous other sensors & devices including concentrators, hubs, routers, and switches; altogether: BACnet, Modbus, LON & various RS - 485 connections; LoRaWAN wireless sensors and actuators for HVAC and lighting – all integrated into a smart solution For more information, c ontact:

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