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LoRaWAN : BMS integration for space optimization & personalization

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Business value Solution Opportunity LoRaWAN / BMS integration for space optimization & personalization " Beringar's sensor technology enables organisations to get a new level of visibility over their built environments and make data - driven decisions that will enable them to more effectively reduce carbon emissions and enhance good ESG outcomes. By partnering with Dialog, data from our sensors will seamlessly feed into a building management system, which aids the real time deliverability of carbon emission reduction." -- David Walker, CRO, Beringar • An integrated solution architecture where Beringar sensors and other local devices feed into Dialog's SmartServer ™ IoT which provides a common data layer and services to enable control and automation. • SmartServer IoT translates data from Beringar sensors so it can be used by the clients building management system for finer - grained control leading to less wasted energy and carbon emission reduction. • Numerous pilots are underway in which SmartServer IoT aggregates data from hundreds of Beringar LoRaWAN sensors and other new/legacy operational and building systems. • Beringar – a 'platform - as - a - service' company for the commercial real estate industry – uses its high - performance multi - sensors and outcome - based building intelligence software to help clients meet space flexibility and sustainability goals. • A Beringar H2X multi - sensor tracks 15 separate datapoints in real time; networks of devices communicate to the Beringar Cloud where machine learning transforms data into actionable insights. • Beringar needed a straightforward way to extend its LoRaWAN sensor dataset into customers' building management systems (BMS) – a complex challenge. Above: Beringar's HX2 multi - sensor and an example of its customizable dashboard For more information, c ontact:

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