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2 Hudl A.D. Guide Introduction Athletic directors who work to stay on the cutting edge of communication and technologies tend to have better results simply due to having more- engaged student-athletes. As we learn more about the preferences and learning styles of Generation Z, we become better equipped to mold these particular students into the type of adults who are capable of solving problems, working as a team and succeeding under pressure. Using tech to reach these student-athletes and especially to retain their attention is the surest way to move towards greater athletic and academic success — the greater the engagement, the harder the student-athletes work — outside of talent alone. In this report, we'll look at how tech is improving coaching and learning for these students and, in particular, how Hudl's suite of products is enhancing all levels of sports — especially for high schools. The Intersection of Tech and Athletics As new technology revolutionizes all facets of human life, it's no surprise that tech has made positive changes for athletic departments. In Coach & A.D.'s 2021 survey of athletic directors, 60% of respondents said that keeping up with technological developments for coaching and the athletic department is important to them. In the past 10 years, we've seen tech that improves training, analytics, film, communication and many other important areas of athletics. Even departments with limited budgets are investing in new technologies to make coaches' lives easier. Innovations are improving how athletic trainers treat injuries and decreasing the amount of time that student-athletes sit on the sidelines. Mental health apps and devices are improving how student-athletes cope with stress and the pressure of keeping up with athletic and academic performance. The bottom line is this: in order to remain competitive and to improve the chances that high school athletes move on to collegiate athletics, schools need to adopt relevant tech for their departments. Companies like Hudl are innovating new ways to help coaching staffs save time and improve their technique. Much like in the athletic director survey, half of Coach & A.D.'s 2021 coaches survey respondents said they're already using Hudl with their teams. Many of those who aren't yet are planning to invest in Hudl soon. Hudl's suite of products is geared toward improving analytics and team feedback, and making it easier to obtain, break down and share film. It enables departments to easily livestream games and tournaments, an essential function during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. These technologies go hand in hand with what coaches and administrators are already doing to improve how departments work and increase the positive impact that they can have on student-athletes. What Makes a Great Athletic Department? Setting All your Coaches and Teams Up for Success As the leader of the athletic department, A.D.s are uniquely poised to ensure their coaches across the entire program are successful. Coaching best practices change as we learn more about sports psychology and how students prefer to communicate and learn. By allowing technology to fit these pieces together with existing coaching strategies, A.D.s can ensure success before practices even start. Besides simply reading magazines like Coach & A.D. and talking shop with other coaches, attending conferences and webinars are great ways to get started for those not already keeping up to date on the ever-changing coaching landscape. Ultimately, leaders in the athletic department — including A.D.s and head coaches — must reach student-athletes where they are in order to teach most effectively. Continuing coaching education opportunities are a great step, but here are a few tips for decoding Generation Z's learning style. Gen Z is the first generation to have a childhood completely in the internet age. As such, technology is an essential part of how they learn. They may need more autonomy than previous generations, and it takes greater effort to engage them. They crave the ability to influence how they learn and need more information than those coaches who don't use the latest technologies are able to provide. In short, they want to be the center of their own learning. Reaching these student-athletes is easier with new technologies like Hudl that allows athletes to watch film on their devices from anywhere, and coaches to provide feedback through in-app messaging. "When we first started [with Hudl], our students knew more about the technology than our teachers did," said athletic director Tony Harris of Saint Ignatius College Prep in Illinois. "One of the things we've learned is how they learn, and how they learn best. Hudl gives us the opportunity to bring this home to them in a way that they are familiar with, that they know, that they embrace." By incorporating tools that teach in the way that Gen Z learns, athletic programs can stay ahead of the competition and improve engagement at all levels. Technological solutions are also equipping programs with the tools to support every team at every grade level — not just glamour sports

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