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NETSCOUT Service Assurance Solutions for Cisco ACI SDN in Government Deployments

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l FACT SHEET l G O V E R N M E N T NETSCOUT Service Assurance Solutions for Cisco ACI SDN in Government Deployments Global government agencies have adopted Cisco ® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology to reduce the cost, complexity, and performance challenges associated with managing traditional wide area network (WAN) solutions in distributed operations environments. In the Federal Government space, the General Services Administration (GSA) encouraged agencies to adopt SDN as part of the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract, including a deadline extension to 2023 that provides more planning and transition time to do so. From a network management standpoint, migrating to Cisco ACI in agency operations environments offers a holistic architecture that provides centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles, delivering software flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance. Additional benefits include: • Centralized policy management and Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC). • Open ecosystem of network, storage, management, and orchestration vendors. • Simplicity delivered through use of non- designated paths/flows (i.e., best-path method), Layer 2 routing, and a multiple- paths, multiple-devices approach. • Use of Cisco Nexus data center switches, which support highly scalable data center fabric deployments. However, for Government IT teams (as well as contractors) tasked with successfully deploying and ongoing management of these Cisco ACI investments, there are associated complexities and service edges, or boundaries, that make it challenging to pinpoint the source of a network or application performance problem in SDN environments. As a result, IT teams frequently need to introduce additional visibility to analyze performance in these new Cisco ACI environments and coordinate real- time monitoring to deliver evidence to Government agency leadership teams that business service delivery is operating at appropriate levels before, during and after the SDN migration. Additionally, since Cisco ACI deployments are often introduced concurrently with other digital transformation initiatives involving cloud migrations (e.g., AWS GovCloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud for Government, Microsoft Azure ® Government, Oracle Government Cloud, or Cloud.Gov), and VMware virtualization transitions, there is a further expansion of the range of service edges that IT Operations need to visualize to manage service delivery. Emerging issues that may impact their employee and/or constituent user experience must be confidently investigated to pinpoint where in this complex path the disruption is occurring for rapid resolution. Our Approach With NETSCOUT ® , Government IT teams are equipped to provide visibility into Cisco ACI deployments in the following manner: • Monitoring data center operations at a "top of rack" perspective, including aggregation, border leaf, multi-spine, and multi-leaf layers. • Monitoring in the fabric, factoring leaf-to- leaf/ leaf-to-border, Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) tunnel parsing, multi-spine, and multi-leaf. • Monitoring ACI SPAN, including multi-node tenant and endpoint group (EPG) capture, and automatic adjustment if EP moves. • Undertaking complex monitoring, including end-to-end service management and visualization into, for example, client communities, Citrix servers, application servers, database servers, etc. In this fashion, NETSCOUT closes visibility gaps, which enables Government IT teams to maintain high quality and business continuity throughout Cisco ACI transformation. The benefits include: • Assuring real-time performance, with visibility into applications and user experience, while enabling IT teams to validate properly implemented security controls. • Visualizing application dependencies in the Cisco ACI environment, providing IT teams with the means to understand an app and baseline its performance.

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