Second LoRa Alliance IoT Challenge Geared Toward Building A Safer And Smarter Sustainable World Open For Submissions

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6/20/2017 Second LoRa Alliance IoT Challenge Geared Toward Building a Safer and Smarter Sustainable World Open for Submissions 1/2 | Press Release Second LoRa Alliance IoT Challenge Geared Toward Building A Safer And Smarter Sustainable World Open For Submissions The IoT challenge, sponsored by the Red Cross in Kenya, focuses on using LoRaWAN™ technology to improve the lives of those living in marginalized communities SAN RAMON, Calif., June 22, 2016 ‐ The LoRa Alliance, the leading technology alliance for the Internet of Things (IoT) and low‐power wide area networks (LPWAN), today announced its second global IoT challenge focused on crea ng a safer and smarter sustainable world with four solu on submission categories: food, water, health and safety. The challenge is currently open for submissions un l November 1. Challenge entrants must submit a descrip on of their LoRaWAN™ solu on from one of the four focus categories and include the benefits, how it will be deployed or u lized, and a prototype of the sensor or sensing solu on. Finalists will receive transporta on and lodging to Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona where the winner of the challenge will be named. The winner will be selected by representa ves from the Red Cross in Kenya, and the LoRa Alliance Board of Directors will test the winning solu on in Kenya with the Red Cross. "Technology can play a cri cal role in improving the lives of the most marginalized communi es in the developing world," said Safia Verjee, program manager in Disaster Risk Management at the Kenya Red Cross. "LoRaWAN can meet the price points and requirements to scale solu ons easily." "LoRaWAN is ideal for regions that have li le or no infrastructure in the developing world," said Geoff Mulligan, chairman of the LoRa Alliance. "LoRaWAN networks can be deployed easily with minimal cost compared to exis ng cellular networks and can solve cri cal infrastructure and social issues." Last year's LoRa Alliance challenge was a huge success with over 200 entries from a variety of solu on categories, including health care, security, smart building, supply chain, smart city, manufacturing and more. More informa on about the LoRa Alliance challenge is available at www.lora‐‐Events/Global‐IoT‐Challenge. About LoRaWAN™ The technology u lized in a LoRaWAN network is designed to connect low‐cost, ba ery‐operated sensors over long distances in harsh environments that were previously too challenging or cost prohibi ve to connect. With its unique penetra on capability, a LoRaWAN gateway deployed on a building or tower can connect to sensors more than 10 miles away or to water meters deployed underground or in basements. The LoRaWAN protocol offers unique and unequaled benefits in terms of bi‐direc onality, security, mobility and accurate localiza on that are not addressed by other LPWAN technologies. These benefits will enable the diverse use cases and business models that will enable deployments of LPWAN IoT networks globally. About LoRa™ Alliance The LoRa™ Alliance is an open, non‐profit associa on has grown to over 330 members since its incep on in March 2015, becoming one of the largest and fastest growing alliances in the technology sector. Its members are closely collabora ng and sharing their experience to promote the LoRaWAN™ protocol as the leading open global standard for secure, carrier‐ grade IoT LPWA connec vity. With the technical flexibility to address the mul ple IoT applica ons, both sta c and mobile, and a cer fica on program to guarantee interoperability, LoRaWAN™ has already being deployed by major mobile network operators globally and is an cipated to widely expand in 2016. Contact: Tracy Hopkins LoRa® Alliance tracy.hopkins@LoRa‐ +44 7771766156 Submitted On: 6/23/2016 View Document Back to Listing Alliance Technology Developers Testimonials The LoRaWAN technology is ideal to target battery operated sensors and low power applications as a complement to M2M cellular connectivity Richard Viel Chief Operating Officer of Bouygues With LoRaWAN, entire cities or countries can be covered with a few base stations, no longer requiring the upfront rollout and maintenance of thousands of nodes as in traditional mesh networking. This has made IoT possible now, with minimal infrastructure investment. Olivier Hersent Chairman & CTO of Actility To encourage the mass adoption of low cost, long range machine-to-machine connectivity, open ecosystems are critical. In addition to IBM's support of the LoRA Alliance we have also released the IBM 'LoRaWAN in C' as open source under the Eclipse Public License. Dr. Thorsten Kramp Master Inventor, IBM Research LoRaWAN has taken inteliLIGHT, our already proven street lighting management solution, to a whole new level. The entire system becomes even easier and faster to install, with a minimal investment, unprecedented reach and unlimited Smart City applications. It truly is a game changer. Mozes Lorand CEO of FLASHNET Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Networks are an excellent connectivity solution. They complement well with existing M2M business. In order to deploy dedicated solutions and sensors all around the world, an open standard is needed to ensure IoT Challenge Area Members Area WHAT IS LORA? FOR DEVELOPERS THE ALLIANCE JOIN NEWS & EVENTS PRODUCTS

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