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Enhancing Office 365 Troubleshooting Precision With NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring


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l USE CASE l E N T E R P R I S E Widespread media coverage of Office 365 outages in late-2021 illuminated the importance of this cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to so many of today's business operations. This Use Case focuses on how one IT Operations team used NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring to successfully troubleshoot and return Office 365 to acceptable performance levels for both employees and their customer network. Failure Quite often, this organization's IT troubleshooting process is initiated when they receive a high volume of Help Desk service calls to open tickets related to similar end-user experience problems. Such was the case here, when IT Operations began seeing several new tickets for employee-experienced "Office 365 slowness" issues. Given the lack of precision in these user reports, the initial IT Operations investigation focused on addressing the high-level "when and how" questions related to assessing the full impact of Office 365 issues. Since so many employees were based in work-from-home (WFH) environments, IT Operations was aware that the need for end- through-end visibility that factored the remote client, network, cloud service, and data center edges would likely be essential for effective troubleshooting and resolution. Impact This enterprise provides business services that support millions of their customers. At the outset of any service troubleshooting exercise, the IT Operations effort must factor whether performance issues affecting their enterprise users could also cross over into their customers' business network operations. Bottom-line: internal operations disruptions were one thing, widescale disruptions to their customers' business networks another — and the very thing that would earn the company their own adverse headlines and brand impact. Troubleshooting In unpacking these Help Desk tickets and service calls, IT Operations first used long-established workflows and enterprise service edge visibility provided by their NETSCOUT ® Smart Edge Monitoring investment. In this instance, IT Operations viewed Smart Edge Monitoring baseline alerts presented in the nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform that had already been defined for the Office 365 environment. In that context, nGeniusONE refined IT Operations' understanding of the timeframe and definition of this issue not just impacting responsiveness in Office 365, but Microsoft Teams (MS Teams), as well. As exhibited in Figure 1, nGeniusONE Alert Metrics showed delayed responsiveness in the MS Teams environment in a 30-minute timeframe. Enhancing Office 365 Troubleshooting Precision With NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring

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