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Retailer Assures Customer Experience and Revenue with Visibility

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E N T E R P R I S E l CASE STUDY l Customer Profile This multi-billion-dollar retailer has hundreds of stores throughout North America. They are frequented by thousands of people every day for a broad range of products used in and around homes and businesses. Customer service is a top priority for this retailer, either in-store or online via their robust Web presence. Their thousands of employees rely heavily on digital technology for inventory management within the stores, as well as identifying products located in nearby stores or distribution warehouses. This has made the retailer's extensive network and data centers mission- critical to their success. Disruptions can impact credit card authorization, customer order processing and management, as well as inventory status and updates. When digital services are disrupted, and it is noticeable to shoppers and customers, the impact to the retailer's business can be significant – from both revenue and reputation perspectives. The Challenge Operators of retail stores around the globe have had challenges supporting traditional shopping experiences for their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This retailer managed to find strategies for maintaining a safe environment for employees, while still offering the personalized care their customers had come to expect. As a result, revenue for the company managed to increase during this difficult period. Ensuring inventory in stores, swift, contactless ordering and curb-side pick-up all helped achieve and surpass their goals. Critical to this success was a well-designed digital infrastructure with regional data centers, headquarters, and distribution centers all communicating efficiently and effectively to maintain business operations and customer engagements. This retailer had long recognized the risks to their business from network and application degradations, and they had established several capabilities to help monitor, triage, and troubleshoot disruptions. OVERVIEW The Challenge • Identified visibility gap in some core segments in their data centers upgraded to support high-speed traffic • Wanted to reduce costs, as well as vendor and tool clutter in their monitoring ecosystem The Solution • nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform • InfiniStreamNG ® certified 9800 and 4800 series software appliances with extended storage • nGenius ® Packet Flow Operating System (PFOS) for Certified 7100 Series Packet Brokers The Results • Extended value of investments in nGeniusONE to gain visibility into high-speed data center core • Expanded relationship with addition of nGenius PFS solution improves interoperability and simplifies vendor management Retailer Assures Customer Experience and Revenue with Visibility Simplifies Monitoring Ecosystem with nGeniusONE and nGenius PFS from NETSCOUT

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