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Iskraemeco Smart Water Solution Adopted by Kranj, Slovenia and Neighboring Municipalities

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2022 USE CASE Iskraemeco Smart Water Solution Adopted by Kranj, Slovenia and Neighboring Municipalities WATER MANAGEMENT BY KOMUNALA KRANJ The company Komunala Kranj has a rich history and was established to ensure efficient drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, waste management and other public services. It is based in central Slovenia. Kranj water utility operates a water supply network with a total length of 740 km, with 146 facilities. The entire network includes 19 water supply systems. Drinking water is supplied to more than 100,000 inhabitants in the municipality of Kranj and the six neighboring municipalities. SITUATION: WALK-BY / DRIVE-BY Komunala Kranj Water Utility has historically collected data using the AMR system where data is sent from water meters to the platform using Walk-by / Drive-by (wM-Bus) reading approach. Aware of the necessity of digitizing and upgrading the water supply infrastructure, the utility is intensively investing in its network: - Finding sustainable solutions and improving services - Improving data accuracy with efficient measurement, precise calculation of water consumption and balances - Reducing water losses - Optimizing work processes ISSUE: CHANGE IN TELEMETRY The biggest challenge for Kranj is the implementation of new technical infrastructure, namely, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). AMI will allow Kranj to be responsive and lean and will reduce operational costs and create timely responses to network-critical issues. SOLUTION: SMART WATER MANAGEMENT In 2020, Kranj Water Utility and Iskraemeco began the 5-year process of replacing the existing water meter system with an advanced AMI solution to create more accurate water consumption data, gain advanced analytics and leak detection, optimize water distribution, predict consumption, and actively involve consumers. • The smart water meters are equipped with advanced communication modules including volumetric, ultrasonic and Woltmann measurement technologies. Each water meter has a built-in or external communication module. • Communication protocols: LoRaWAN and wM-Bus (OMS). • Network: fixed, private LoRaWAN network. • Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for Fixed and Drive-by/Walk-by, including remote meter data management and analytics. The software enables access and analyses of massive amounts of data, which offers insight, facilitates data-driven decisions, and improves the satisfaction of water networks operators and end users BENEFITS OF AMI OVER LoRaWAN : - Automatic remote readings - Higher data acquisition frequency - Quicker detection of issues (alarms) - Higher accuracy and security of data transfer - Predictive consumption and forecasts - Predictive maintenance RETURN ON INVESTMENT Following the deployment of the Iskraemeco comprehensive connected water management system, Kranj Water Utility will see an increase in the water network's efficiency because data is collected quickly and reliably; improvement of operational processes; and enhancement of customer experience. Smart Water (Utilities) Eastern Europe Solution Contact Iskraemeco Website: Email: Phone: +386 4 206 41 58

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