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Simplified Pre-Construction Connecting construction operations can pay off even before the project begins. Accurate information at your fingertips allows for better planning, scheduling and bidding. • Quickly and easily confirm designs without expert-level skills • Avoid time-consuming file formatting and opportunities for error Flexibility through Interoperability • Connect all stages of the construction project • Standardized data allows for wider use across the project • Support for third-party solutions increases business opportunities • Transfer files between different field systems operating on the same site • Leverage the Trimble Connect Software Developer Kit (SDK) to integrate third-party tools with Trimble civil construction software Avoid Rework Quickly modify plans and coordinate with field operations from anywhere in the world, avoiding costly mistakes from an outdated design or incorrect coordinate system. • More efficient and faster file transferring to reduce risks of mistakes • Cleaner handoffs from engineers makes sure everyone is working from the same design with less effort • Provide transparency across entire organization so you're always looking at the latest information • Have confidence that the latest design is being used in the field • Access machines remotely and provide training, troubleshooting or support on the fly to save time and mileage • Automatically capture production data as compared against the original ground and the constructible model to provide progress information throughout the project Remote Jobsite Management Trimble jobsite connectivity software combined with machine control gives you confidence that everyone is working with the latest designs for increased productivity. • Settings flow throughout projects, and projects flow throughout systems • Minimize handoffs throughout construction project, making data management easy • Allow site managers to concentrate on managing multiple jobsites from the office • Limit supervisor jobsite visits • Eliminate billing disputes with access to accurate productivity and as-built information in real-time © 2022, Trimble Inc. All rights reserved. Trimble, the Triangle & Globe logo and Trimble Connect are trademarks of Trimble Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. PN 022482-4367 (02/22) Trimble Jobsite Connectivity DATASHEET Trimble Civil Construction 10368 Westmoor Drive Westminser CO 80021 USA 800-361-1249 (Toll Free) +1-937-245-5154 Phone

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