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Trimble Jobsite Connectivity Projects and Data Connected from Office‑to‑Field The Trimble® Jobsite Connectivity Bundle connects construction project workflows from design to construction, allowing data to flow seamlessly and providing a single source of truth from office-to-field. The bundled Trimble software solutions enable full visibility of what is happening on site and confidence that everyone is working to the latest plan. This gives contractors peace of mind in an industry where projects are complex and constantly changing. Keeping to schedule and budget is a priority for construction operations. The amount of time spent traveling in between sites, fuel costs or machine idling all contribute to the bottom line, as do rework and delays. Jobsite connectivity offers a remote solution to these issues, ideal for contractors who cover a large geographical area. Creating digital workflows within a company's planning and execution teams is vital to getting consistent information. Once this is achieved, the ability to bill, invoice and track costs becomes more reliable and integrations with other teams become easier. As the project is completed, the as-built information can be shared with other systems for things like payment, quality reports, asset management and more. Knowing in real-time what has been done and what is still to do streamlines the process for all stakeholders, allowing them to get it right the first time. DATASHEET The Jobsite Connectivity Bundle connects the following software solutions and allows users to purchase them more cost effectively: Trimble Connect® A cloud-based collaboration platform where project stakeholders can share, review, coordinate and comment on construction models, schedules and other project information. Trimble Business Center Takeoff and modeling software that can be used to calculate earthwork and material quantities for bids, build constructible 3D models for construction surveying and machine control, and more. Trimble WorksManager Software A cloud-based application that remotely sends construction-ready models to machines and construction surveyors in the field, so operators are always working on the latest designs. Trimble WorksOS Software Integrates design data from the office with machine control as-built data to provide real-time jobsite progress and productivity updates.

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