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l USE CASE l E N T E R P R I S E Despite the announced intentions of corporate leaders, many return-to-office plans formulated around the mid-stage of the COVID-19 pandemic were disrupted by the arrival of new variants and open-ended organizational needs. This Use Case focuses on how one information technology operations (IT Operations) team applied experiences from their company's initial hybrid workforce transition to enhance visibility into the remote client edge by introducing NETSCOUT nGeniusEDGE monitoring. Issue The company's initial hybrid workforce transition involved tens of thousands of employees moving to work-from-home (WFH) environments, with this population including most of their Call Center Agents (CCAs). As the CCAs were regionally distributed, in essence, the company's Call Center operations had moved out of centralized corporate facilities and into many individual employee WFH offices, which became the new client edge. This resulted in the CCA team accessing an array of business services from their home offices, directly over the company's virtual private network (VPN), via the VMware SD-WAN connection to their local internet service provider (ISP) links, including: • A Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) ecosystem that incorporated Slack messaging, Zoom videoconferencing, and a legacy Microsoft Skype conferencing application for internal communications • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment • Essential service enablers, such as Okta identity management, DNS, and LDAP • Internal employee Web portal and Webmail services Complicating this scenario for IT Operations was the sustained increase in daily call volume these CCAs were now managing, with many customers taking advantage of Contact Center resources to replace in-person business exchanges. This combination of factors left IT Operations working in a responsive mode to address CCA-related Help Desk tickets. Like many companies, when it appeared the pandemic had subsided, corporate leadership took the opportunity to return workers to corporate locations. As CCAs temporarily returned to the on-premises Contact Center environments, IT Operations wanted to revisit their service edge visibility strategy to determine whether CCA operations could be better visualized and monitored in the future in WFH environments. Impact IT Operations would soon be presented with an opportunity to revisit this performance challenge when the company announced it was returning a hybrid workforce model. That decision would result in their high-volume CCAs returning to WFH offices the following week. This time around, IT Operations wanted to assure remote CCAs did not experience drop-offs in business service access or continuity as a result of this hybrid workforce transition. Bottom line, when voice services or access to customer account information is disrupted, customer service, revenue, and CCA productivity are all at risk. Proactively Monitoring Remote Call Center Agent Performance With NETSCOUT nGeniusEDGE

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