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1. Security staff who have been trained on and issued BWCs will operate and use them consistent with the policies. 2. Security staff must complete training required by department policy prior to using a BWC. 3. Best practice dictates that BWCs are never taken home by employees and are checked back in and docked at the end of each shift to ensure data upload. 4. Staff will only use department issued BWCs in the performance of official duties. C. USE AND DOCUMENTATION: Use and documentation can vary significantly between organizations, the below provide a framework on common implementations. 1. Staff should check out a BWC at the beginning of their shift. 2. Staff should inspect their issued BWCs at the beginning of each shift to ensure devices are functioning properly and will promptly report any malfunctions to the on-duty Supervisor/Lead Officer. A malfunctioning BWC can be replaced with another BWC and sent back to Axon for troubleshooting and potential replacement. 3. Staff will wear their issued BWCs at a location above the midline of their torso that provides for effective video and audio capture. 4. Video recording for security purposes should be conducted in a professional, ethical, and legal manner. Actively recording individuals based solely upon characteristics of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected classification is prohibited. 5. Staff must document BWC use, and nonuse as follows: a. In any incident report pertaining to service calls where staff activated a BWC. b. Any incidents where the BWC fails to record or partially records an activity under this policy and the circumstances and reasons for such failure. 6. Staff should check their BWC back in at the end of each shift. 7. The on-duty Supervisor/Lead Officer should review use and nonuse reports within 24 hours of the end of each shift and initiate any investigative action or re-training as necessary. C. RECORDING: 1. Staff should activate their BWCs when conducting any call for service, whether self- initiated or in response to a call from a Security Operations Center, except under the following conditions: a. Routine Code Blue Response b. Routine patrols

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