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After a call for service is dispatched that requires Body Worn Camera use, an officer should activate the BWC. The camera should be activated during all incidents with exclusion of routine calls for service. After an officer arrives at the call for service scene, they should identify themselves as a Security Officer and inform the patient, visitor, or employee that they are being audio and video recorded by a Body-Worn Camera. Suggested dialogue is as follows: "Hello, my Name is Officer , you are being audio and video recorded for safety purposes." Recording After the camera is placed in the ON position, the camera will have a solid red light, then transition to flashing green once it begins to buffer. To record, the large button on the front of the camera (EVENT button) must be quickly pressed twice. The camera is now recording audio and video and has a flashing red light on the side. To stop recording, press and hold the EVENT button for 3 seconds until there is a long audible beep. Charging The Body-Worn Camera should be docked at the end of every shift in order to fully charge before the next shift. Uploading Data To upload the recorded camera video to the Axon Cloud, the BWC must be placed in the docking station. After the camera is properly seated in the docking station, the LED indicator light will flash yellow when the device is uploading data. The LED indicator light will be steady green when the video upload is complete. Once docked, BWCs should remain docked until all data is fully uploaded. *This sample policy document is meant as a guideline only. Once you have defined policy for your department, it is critical to have your legal team review policy before implementation to ensure compliance with state laws.

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