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SAMPLE BODY WORN CAMERA POLICY FOR HEALTHCARE IMPLEMENTATIONS Disclaimer: This Sample Policy is intended and should only be used as guidance based on previous successful body worn camera implementations by Axon customers. Each organization is responsible for implementing its own policy and standards based on its individual needs as well as local, state, and federal laws. Axon strongly recommends that each organization's legal department review and approve any BWC policy before it is implemented. PART I – POLICY & PROCEDURE Previous successful implementations have covered specifications for initial deployment and scope of technology deployment, training and considerations around recording and data retention policies. Policies and procedures should govern the training, implementation, and use of Body-Worn Cameras (BWCs) by all security staff across a facility or network depending on the scope of implementation. Security staff use BWCs to document interactions arising from encounters to provide a video and audio record of events. In general, an always- on recording policy is not recommended. In most cases, cameras should not be recording until staff are responding to an event. Another major consideration is data retention and handling once video is captured. Retention policies vary by state and it is important to be familiar with any state or local regulations that may dictate how you need to store and handle data that can be considered part of medical record. A. TRAINING: 1. The initial training should be provided by leaders on your team that have in-depth knowledge of proper operation of body-worn cameras. Training can include: a. A review of the Department policies on the use of the BWC. b. A review of the BWC and its functions and recommended activations. c. An orientation and hands-on review of the camera and its associated components. d. An in-field presentation followed by practical application by the trainee to demonstrate competency of use A written record of the training provided should be completed by the trainer and maintained in the department's training file. 2. Periodic training should occur annually, or earlier if any staff is not complying with policies. B. DEPLOYMENT:

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