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data sheet Features and benefits: Ultra capable Rapid access to commercial imagery for direct downlink from both electro-optical (EO) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) assets across a range of CDPs (Maxar and non-Maxar) Mobile Small and light enough to be transported as checked luggage Fast Deploys for operations in less than one hour including antenna setup Low latency Imagery in hand in under 15 minutes Operational anywhere Available in disconnected, intermittent and limited-bandwidth (DIL) environments Containerized design Cloud-agnostic architecture enables integration into customer hardware and soware stacks and is operable in commercial cloud environments Secure and resilient Fully functioning stand-alone ground station, with hardened version available upon request Scalable and extensible Tailorable modular design and modern architecture for stable and repeatable deployments including antenna, receiver, CDPs, data, and analytics Evolving CDPs Ongoing integration to offer the latest multisource imagery and analytic tools Maxar's Tactical Access Program provides trusted defense, intelligence and commercial customers with direct downlink of Maxar and other commercial data provider (CDP) satellite data with low-latency image processing, georegistration and analytics at the tactical edge in time-dominant applications. The program starts with our antenna- and receiver-adaptable, uniquely compact, ultra transportable and fully customizable Mobile Access Terminal ground station—giving customers the ability to directly downlink, process and analyze commercial satellite imagery from multiple CDPs at any remote or disconnected location on Earth. Tactical Access Program TACTICAL ACCESS PROGRAM MULTICONSTELLATION COMMERCIAL IMAGERY ANTENNA AND RECEIVER adaptable ADDITIONAL ANTENNA INTEGRATIONS PLANNED

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