Why LoRaWAN is the Connectivity Platform for Smart City Applications

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www.lora-alliance.org WHY LoRaWAN ® IS THE CONNECTIVITY PLATFORM FOR SMART CITY APPLICATIONS INTRODUCTION We liv e in a rapidly rb aniz ing world, in which two-thirds of the popu lation will liv e in cities 205 0, adding another 2.5 illion city -dwellers to the cu rrent st ov er illion rb an residents . mart cities are the ltimate in interconnected, intelligent inf rastru ctu re, with serv ices, dev ices and sy stems linked that encompass simple inpu ts su ch as sensors on waste ins or controls or streetlighting to complex citiz en serv ices composed of mu ltiple sy stems integrating with each other to enab le smart transportation or connected ehicles. he connection of inf rastru ctu re and serv ices in a city inclu des ildings, sinesses and mu nicipal assets, and operates alongside smart ildings, smart ehicles and smart tilities. he common goal is to make money sav e money or achiev e compliance. ten, it' s all three. As in all complex technological deploy ments, smart cities rely on an ecosy stem of dev elopers, eq ipment makers and serv ice prov iders to prov ide the ariou s pieces of the smart city architectu re. his ecosy stem looks ery similar or all digitally transf ormed sectors, not st smart cities. he eq ation is composed of hardware, sof tware, connectiv ity and data processing capab ility . here are sensors and actu ators to measu re ariab les and then react to them. or ex ample, or tu rning a light of at dawn, there is software to define that decision, and to aid management of dev ices, there are radio access networks to connect dev ices according to their needs and ensu re connectiv ity is iq itou sly av ailab le at an appropriate cost. here are also data isu alisation and analy tics tools to deriv e actionab le insights rom the data that is collected and commu nicated. ndiv idu al endpoints dif er rom ertical to ertical as they perform different and sector-specific tasks, but the inf rastru ctu re of the network and the data handling is largely the same, prov iding a ast ase of dev elopment and engineering resou rces. hankf lly it' s not necessary to reinv ent the wheel ev ery time ou look to connect a new endpoint dev ice. he connectiv ity needs of an air conditioner are similar to those of a streetlight, althou gh the data transmitted and the req ency of that transmission might e ery dif erent. This is not to suggest that smart cities do not have specific req irements when it comes to inf rastru ctu re. hey re clearly dif erent rom a smart agricu ltu re env ironment, or ex ample, which has ar ewer applications to su pport, ewer constraints in terms of dense rb an topology and inv olv es ewer stakeholders to integrate across the ecosy stem. mart cities are complex in terms of the nu mb er of dif erent serv ices, applications and endpoints inv olv ed; they hav e challenging wireless network propagation characteristics, su ch as needs or in-b ilding and ndergrou nd network cov erage; they inv olv e mu ltiple endors and ty pes of sers; LoRa Alliance ® and LoRaWAN ® are registered trademarks. Used with permission. ©2020 LoRa Alliance ® M AY 2 0 2 0

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