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Moving from paper to digital RSM Hungary Zrt. once used thousands of reams of paper across its work processes. Customer received all contracts, invoices, and other receipts on paper. As RSM Hungary's customer base grew, its management that converting information from paper to an electronic format would make their employees' work easier and more efficient. To avoid the hazards of email-based collaboration, executives decided to store incoming and outgoing material digitally in a central location. This would give staff secure access to documents from anywhere while complying with appropriate laws and regulations. The RSM management team had two key expectations: 1. The centralized management of workflows. 2. External client access to the document management system. In addition, they required robust support for HR and project management functions. Selecting a document and workflow management system RSM assessed its options and implemented the M-Files' metadata-driven management platform in 2014. RSM chose M-Files due to its robust document management capabilities and overall ease of use. Customizing M-Files to RSM Hungary's needs After purchasing M-Files and conducting training sessions for administrators, RSM evaluated the evaluated its various document types as well as category criteria. Contracts, for example, had to be searchable by names, customers, and dates of signatures, among other things. M-Files made that happen by tagging documents with metadata, which provided information about each record's contents. Unlike folders, metadata enables RSM's staff to sort documents based on each employee's needs. RSM now uses M-Files to manage documents in areas such as its tax and accounting divisions and in human resources, business development, and administration. RSM deploys M-Files based on multi-year experience, but the flexibility of M-Files makes it possible to fulfill the customers' custom requirement and needs in terms of processes and user interface—from simple workflows providing document traceability to complex customized invoice or bank-transfer approval processes as required. Key Challenges Before M-Files "Initially, some employees who had been using paper- based accounting for years worried that working from M-Files would be inconvenient. However, the solution's flexibility and user-friendly interface quickly turned resistance into enthusiastic support." Miklós Héhn Partner, Deputy CEO RSM Hungary Zrt. The M-Files Solutions

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