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Since Axon VR Training is easily deployed and transported to any location where training is taking place, be that a dedicated facility or the roll-call room, it can help make better use of this time. Instead of officers waiting for their active training time, they can learn in 5- to 15-minute segments on topics that help build practical and interpersonal skills, and that they otherwise may not be exposed to in traditional curriculum. Repurposing even a small portion of unproductive training hours translates into actual agency savings. *Based on estimate of 1.5 downtime hours per officer repurposed for VR Training; may vary by agency Other benefits such as better retention and confidence in skills can also translate into more prepared officers who lower the agency's risk of a misconduct issue. Additionally, research shows that spaced repetition promotes effective learning 5 , so VR's low time commitment and easy setup means it can become a regular part of existing operations with more frequent use. TRAINING FOR THE FUTURE Law enforcement is increasingly being asked to train more, but one way to accomplish this is to train smarter. VR can significantly accelerate agency training programs, and Axon is just getting started. Our vision is to make training widely available, applicable, engaging and adaptable. Combined with other technologies in the Axon network, from the e-learning platform Axon Academy to TASER energy weapons, Axon VR Training develops higher-performing officers with dynamic experiences that enhance performance, critical thinking, and de-escalation skills—promoting mutually-beneficial outcomes for officers and the community they serve. For more information, contact your Axon sales rep or visit / AXON VR TRAINING / OTHER SIMULATORS Annual cost $34,000 $30,000 5-Year total cost $170,000 $150,000 Value of time reclaimed from standard training downtime* $32,000 $0 Net Price $138,000 $150,000 , AXON, and Axon are trademarks of Axon Enterprise, Inc., some of which are registered in the US and other countries. For more information, visit All rights reserved. © 2022 Axon Enterprise, Inc. 1) WSJ: "Police Rethink Policies as Cities Pay Millions to Settle Misconduct Claims", Oct 2020 2) Miami Children's: "Healthcare Training on the Verge of VR Revolution", August 2017 3) PwC: "The VR Advantage: How virtual reality is redefining soft skills training", June 2020 4) Forbes: "The Amazing Ways Honeywell Is Using Virtual And Augmented Reality To Transfer Skills To Millennials", March 2018 5) Kang: "Spaced Repetition Promotes Efficient and Effective Learning: Policy Implications for Instruction", January 2016 Here's how the math breaks down for an agency with 150 sworn, as compared to traditional simulator costs.

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