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Case Study: Bishop & McKenzie LLP

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" H u b s h a r e d e m o ns t r at e d s u p e r i o r a d a p t a b i l i t y a n d s e a m l e s s i nt e g r at i o n to o u r c u r r e nt w o r k f l o w s w h i l e m a i nt a i n i ng e as e of us e f o r b o t h i nt e r n a l a n d e x t e r n a l us e r s ." P a t t i M a c d o n a l d Managing Par tner, B ishop & M cKe nzie THE OBJECTIVE As lawyers, Bishop & McKenzie focus their efforts and their client's money, on core ser vices, while vendors focus on theirs – providing best in class tech solutions. Bishop and McKenzie's technolog y strategies focus on integration at the firm level and simplicity for the user / client experience. After a growing demand for increased external collaboration by their clients was identified, they knew they had to establish a stable solution. Patti Macdonald, Managing Partner at Bishop & McKenzie explained, "In response to rising client demands for collaboration and communication we chose Hubshare as our Client Facing Web Portal". Bishop & McKenzie implemented Hubshare in June of 2018 and have predominately been using it to improve their client communications and collaborative working. Users were able to grasp and start using Hubshare almost instantly, meaning workflow was uninterrupted and the lawyers could smoothly transfer existing and new clients onto the platform. "Compared to many other software programs we have implemented in the past, this was easily adopted into ever yday workflow and user practices. Also, having access to a team that is interested in learning about our business and needs was refreshing; we even had access to the developers to discuss some key integration components," commented Bailey English, Manager of Training at Bishop & McKenzie. With Hubshare, Bishop & McKenzie's clients were able to easily gain the information they required and maintain momentum, even on complex matters. It additionally allowed their lawyers to effectively communicate with their external clients, providing them with 24/7 access to files and documents from wherever they were. Hubshare also provided solutions to the protection of confidentiality and client privacy concerns faced by Bishop & McKenzie, such as granular rights, permissioning and secure access. USER FRIENDLY A Property Manager Client of Bishop & McKenzie, with 26 different condo buildings are enjoying the user-friendly interface on Hubshare. They were able to immediately adopt the new software with minimal training at the user end. This meant they could begin sharing files and information to the client and access the necessar y information about any of their buildings instantly. As a result, the client didn't have to repeatedly request for files or documents and wait for access, as it was already available, thus saving the client money and Bishop & McKenzie time that they couldn't recoup. In short, clients felt better attended to with a much higher level of ser vice, while reducing their overall costs.

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