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2 | How to print and manage Adverse Action Notices PRINTING ADVERSE ACTION NOTICES STEP 1 Deals where an Adverse Action Notice is recommended are flagged within the Compliance Checklist, on the Credit Bureau screen and in your Adverse Action Manager. Click on the Compliance tab in the customer's deal jacket. From the Compliance Checklist screen, go to Adverse Action and click the Print button. Or, you can click on the Credit Bureau tab in the customer's deal jacket and click the printer icon. From the drop-down menu, select Adverse Action Notice. STEP 2 An Adverse Action Notice pop-up window will appear. Click to check the credit reporting agencies that need to be listed on the notice and click Create Notice. A notice will generate in PDF format pre-populated with customer information for you to print and mail. Return to Application by clicking on the Application tab. This will update the information that the notice has been generated and provided to the customer. If the deal has an Applicant and a Co-Applicant, the Adverse Action recommendations will display separately. Adverse Action Notice 1 2

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